HHV showcases its unique ‘made in India’ vacuum technology based solutions for the aerospace industry at the aero India 2015

HHV showcases its unique ‘made in India’ vacuum technology based solutions for the aerospace industry at the aero India 2015

Bengaluru based Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt. Ltd. (HHV), a Leader in Vacuum Science & Technology in India, showcased its unique range of ‘Made in India’ Vacuum Technology based Solutions for the Aerospace Industry at the Aero India 2015, Asia’s Premier Air Show being held here from 18th to 22nd February, 2015. These Solutions were developed indigenously by HHV at its State of the Art Facility at Bengaluru. On display was HHV’s latest range of processing equipment for Heat treatment, Welding, Brazing and Thin film deposition equipment for producing special purpose coating for aerospace applications.

HHV has been contributing to Space and Aerospace technology development for 5 decades. The company has been designing, developing, manufacturing a spectrum of vacuum based specialized machines to Space and Aerospace industries and demonstrating the defined processes. These special purpose machineries include:

Robotized TIG welding equipment for welding aircraft engine components in high purity inert gas environment.

CVD, CVI and Graphitization furnace reactors to produce large size carbon-carbon composite components such as exhaust nozzles and jet steering blades which are used in the engines of launch vehicles.

  1. Rotary vacuum brazing equipment for brazing divergent and convergent exhaust nozzles used in cryogenic engines.
  2. Robotic Sputter Coater: Transparent and Conductive coatings on aircraft canopies.
  3. Hypersonic wind tunnel simulating air speeds to capture Reynold numbers from 4 to 12.
  4. Hypersonic shock tunnel capable of recording speeds of Mach No.12
  5. Integrated Vacuum Test Facility to Calibrate the Xenon Propulsion Engine.

Cabin environment simulation equipment to test life support systems, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring, heat extraction, evacuation capsule etc.

“HHV pioneered the development of high vacuum technology in India almost 50 years ago and is now a leading global vendor of equipment and systems involving high vacuum. Its products find application in a variety of high tech industries including Aerospace and Defence.” said Mr Nagarjun Sakhamuri, Managing Director, HHV. “The wide variety of applications for which HHV’s vacuum equipment is used include heat treatment, brazing, induction casting and melting, diffusion bonding of dissimilar metals, ARC re-melting, solution cum ageing, CVD/CVI, directional solidification, impregnation, metallization, deposition and several others.”

“As an innovative design, and manufacturing company, HHV builds state-of-the-art vacuum equipment with process know-how and total automation facility. With its contributions, it has been acknowledged as the basic backbone in developing indigenous vacuum equipment by almost all major industries and research laboratories.” said Mr. Prasanth Sakhamuri, Managing Director, HHV.

(Note: As Published in IT Voice: https://www.itvoice.in/hhv-showcases-its-unique-made-in-india-vacuum-technology-based-solutions-for-the-aerospace-industry-at-the-aero-india-2015)